IN A PICKLE: For Audiences on the Autism Spectrum Image
LC Kids presents

IN A PICKLE: For Audiences on the Autism Spectrum

Clark Studio Theater

  • Runtime
    • 50 Minutes
  • Ages
    • 3–8
  • Dates
    • Sunday, May 14 at 11:00 and 2:00

These performances are specifically designed to welcome audiences on the autism spectrum and with other developmental differences. To purchase tickets for general performance times, please click here.

Oily Cart / Royal Shakespeare Company

Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, this performance by Oily Cart and Royal Shakespeare Company takes audiences on a voyage of discovery through the landscapes of Shakespeare’s imagination and the music of his language. Our adventure begins in the woolly pastures of the Shepherdess and her flock of little sheep. She is having a party to celebrate the sheep shearing. When she discovers a lost baby, we must follow the clues.

Presented in association with BAMkids

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